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Planning poker (also known as Scrum poker) is a consensus-based, gamified technique for estimating, mostly used to estimate effort or relative size of development goals in software development. Scrum Planning Poker. Steps for Planning Poker. To start a poker planning session, the product owner or customer reads an agile user story or describes ...

Planning poker is a technique used to have a healthy discussion during sprint planning, it not only help to identify the problem by discussing deeply about the problem, it also enables team to reach to a comparative complexity which in turn provide a better estimate for the user story or issue in question. Planning poker on virtual teams - Stack Exchange Planning poker is an estimation tool, not a required Scrum artifact or practice. If planning poker as such doesn't work for the team, invite them to brainstorm on a better way--after all, it's about what helps the team estimate, not what is easiest (or most common) for the Scrum Master. How do we play planning poker? by The Agile Box Planning Poker is a great practice for digging deeper into the stories and discovering “hidden” information in the team. However, it can be really time consuming. When estimating a big amount of stories – for example, in release planning sessions, you can consider some of the following practices: Timebox discussions on individual stories. Don’t Do Planning Poker for the Estimates (Only) - The ... One of the techniques that Agile teams use in grooming or planning sessions is Planning Poker. The game is very simple, and also a very nice instrument to provoke discussions and enhance the quality of the planning meeting.

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Better Estimates with Planning Poker — SitePoint When you use Planning Poker to estimate your project, it is very important to give each developer a voice; allow them to make their own estimates without being influenced by the opinions or agendas of anyone else. When this is the case, Planning Poker enables you to do two very valuable things

Whenever a poker strategy book is published, we read it, absorbing any new information, and discuss how (or if) we will use it to enhance our games.

Planning poker is a great to play right after the planning of product backlog. In agile software development things are done iterative so is estimation. The product backlog is a live and flexible document so there will always be new things to estimate, so make it a routine to estimate just before... The reasons behind why planning poker works Planning poker, sometimes called Scrum poker, is a technique in which a group of people assess how long a task will take from start to finish. The technique works very well and here at ReQtest, we often use it ourselves when estimating the required development time for features we implement.

Planning poker delivers rapid software estimates that are highly accurate. Read the most common questions and answers about using this technique.Often it felt like a waste of time to be estimating when I could just be doing it. The problem was I really needed to create an estimate.

Planning Poker (Scrum Poker) Planning Poker (Scrum Poker). Planning Poker или Scrum Poker, пожалуй, одно из важнейших мероприятий в методологии Scrum или любой гибкой технологии разработки. Практически всегда перед командой встает вопрос: Как оценить эту задачу? Estimates and Anchoring When Playing Planning Poker When a team is playing planning poker, people go through the tasks one by one, estimating the task as they go. You can read more about the method inOne benefit of planning poker is including the opinion of each developer when the estimates are done. Generally the more experienced developers...