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In the game Brave Frontier Hack there are basically 6 components, consisting of Fire, Planet, Thunder, Water, Dark and Illumination. The aspects are programmed in such a way that every one has a particular durability and disadvantage versus another aspect. Units | Brave Frontier RPG Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Sphere – Units with sphere(s) equipped No Sphere – Units with no sphere(s) equipped 1 Sphere – Units with 1 Sphere slot 2 Spheres – Units with 2 Spheres slots 7th column Atk BB – Units with Brave Burst that are Offensive Rec BB – Units with Brave Burst that are purely for Heal Buff BB – Units with Brave Burst that are purely for ... Gintoki's Multi Server Brave Frontier Service - Items - $5 / 25 stacks (1 sphere counts as 1 stack) All quests completed - $20 ... Max Unit/Item Slots: $3 Account Levelling - $3 / 25 levels ... Gintoki's Multi Server Brave Frontier Service:

How to get extra sphere slot brave frontier Sphere Frog

[Brave Frontier] pretty easy and brain fart - YouTube May 29, 2014 · ブレイブフロンティア【スフィア追加とステアップ方法!】 Brave Frontier How To Increase Sphere Slot & Stats! - Duration: 3:14. in JP brave frontier and i don't know japanese. my question is i am getting way too many +25 % to 40% Rec Spheres from slot machines, do i needThese spheres are ALL craftable so I don't see the poibt keeping them. Maybe keep the 30%+ HP spheres. You will need these spheres if you want...

Amount of slots earned depends of your participation and how many members the team has. If you were to play with 3 more, and all those were leechers and you did all the damage, you get like 3-4 + slots. Since we only have up to 3 right now. Any mission with only one enemy, with an unit that adds elements boss is weak to. Sphere Frog | Brave Frontier Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia When fused to a unit, it adds a 2 nd sphere slot to that unit. The spheres equipped to a unit must be of different types. (i.e. 2 Status Boost spheres can't be equipped at the same time) If a unit is evolved with a sphere frog's effect on it, the sphere frog's effect will not be lost. Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner - Beginner guides It is also possible to increase a units sphere slots by four for each star level, e.g. a 1 star unit can have totally 6 sphere slots and a 3 star unit can have up to 18 sphere slots. The sphere slot limit can be increased by fusing a duplicate unit into your main unit or with the help of burst emperors (red frogs).

Hats off to everyone who watched our Brave Frontier TV Commercial! As a token of our gratitude for your continuous support, we will be giving away 1 Million Zel, 6 Crystal Gods (1 for each element), a set of Imps, 5 Burst Frogs, 1 Summon Ticket and 1 Sphere Frog!

To increase a Unit's maximum Sphere slots, you can: .... Volpis Druid (1☆ - 3☆), important to save you when near death thanks to a nice healing Brave Support! How to unlock extra unit slots? | Brave Frontier Forum Feb 19, 2017 ... Second slot is unlocked by beating Vilanciel final boss ... The red outline bosses are optional side things for uber LS spheres or weapons. Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner - Beginner guides - Gacha Games